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The most delicious store of Roermond

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About Nizet Cheese

” The most delicious store of Roermond ”

" The most delicious store of Roermond "

Nizet Cheese is a special cheese & delicacies shop, founded in 1860 by the Nizet family. In the meantime, cheese, wine & delicacies have become ‘’ The Most delicious store of Roermond ‘’.

New experienced managers

After 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, of which 26 years in their own restaurant,  Jolinda and Ramses Hennekens have, after a small renovation,  taken over the shop. Cheese, charcuterie and wine specialty

Cheese master Jolinda Hennekens takes care of the purchase of the most exceptional domestic and foreign cheeses, she can advise you well on this, but also on charcuterie, such as our masterful sausages and beautiful hams with matching Port and Wines ... in short, quality and authenticity stand at the forefront for us.


Passion for good food at its Limburgish can be seen everywhere. Handy for your dinner or cozy drink, ready-made fresh authentic home-made soups, daily specials for your own oven or microwave, but also well-kept cheese and charcuterie plates, delicious and honest dishes such as tapas and salads.

Coffee, tea and pastry are also a passion

We provide delicious freshly roasted coffee beans and tea blends from coffee maker 'Maison Blanche Dael' from Maastricht and for the sweet, original Roermond chocolate Tree trunks from the famous Patissier 'Maison Mooren', and ... not to mention the chocolate 'Roermondjes' with chocolate passion fruit filling, always nice to give as a gift!

Surrounded by true Burgundian cosiness!

The shop is located in the Brugstraat, the most historic part of Roermond near the River Roer with its cozy terraces and fantastic restaurants.

Buy and ride (loading and unloading)

Are you short on time or the load is too heavy; on the Roerkade, just 50 meters from the Brugstraat is a loading and unloading place opposite of Hotel de Vallies.

New at Nizet: Personalized cheeses.

With a choice of different types of icons and texts, a super nice gift to give / receive.

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"Our artisan and special cheeses"

We specialize in the best domestic and foreign cheeses. Feel free to come and visit our store to view our extensive range. 

Cheese Plate


"Special domestic and foreign delicacies"

Throughout the year we make "homemade" soups, lasagna, meatballs, grilled vegetable dishes, salads, filet Martino and more. We check every season what is tasty and occasionally try new dishes. View our Facebook page for up-to-date information or give us a call!

In addition to dishes and cheeses, we also have delicacies in-house. Special oils, liqueurs, Roermondjes and the one and only Roermond Tree Trunks ... You can also come to us for the most special wines and port.

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Opening hours

Feel free to visit us any time

Tuesday:       10:00 - 17:30 uur
     Wednesday:  10:00 - 17:30 uur

Thursday:      10:00 - 17:30 uur

Friday:          10:00 - 17:30 uur
Saturday:      10:00 - 16:00 uur
Sun-Mon: Closed        

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